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How to design a modern yet casual dining room?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Gone were the days when people used to style dining rooms with bigger size tables and conventional chairs. If you are from the greater Toronto area you might have noticed a subtle change in the trend where people are now opting for modern dining room furniture with accent chairs and a casual approach.

If you too are planning to decorate your dining room with this amazing new trend, we have curated a list of some options and approaches that you can take for a modern yet casual dining room and you are going to love these chic designs that compliment both the comfort of your family and the ambiance of the room!

Design approaches to create a modern yet casual dining room:

Contrasting accent chairs and traditional glass tops:

One of the best things about modern furniture is its compact designs with optimum utility. Thus, choosing an extending glass top dining table with thick colored glass and combining it with an accent chair is the new trend in the greater Toronto area! This concept works on creating a comfortable seating space and a modern casual look for your dining space.

The classic black and white with modern dining table and chair:

If you want your dining space to be ageless and yet modern, the best combination that has never failed is the black and white combination. But instead of rustic designs, you can choose a contemporary dining table design with modern dining chairs to accommodate the trend and yet keep it minimal and ageless!

The dynamic combo of Accent table, matching curio and simple dining chairs:

For those who would love to experiment and create something new that is appreciated for its amazing look and creative approach, you can select the dining table furniture pieces carefully to represent different traits and yet create a harmonious look for the viewers.

With that approach in mind, the best way to create such as look is by looking for a chrome-colored accent table that can be matched with gloss matching curio of the same color and to create neutrality in the space, you can choose simple dining chairs to complete the look.

Create a Parisian rustic look with a matte surfaced dining table and velvet accent chairs:

For those who share our love for medieval European looks and yet want to decorate their dining space with a modern approach, we have just the right curation for you! To create such a rustic look with a modern touch, you can choose a Eucalyptus Velvet High Gloss, Dark Mahogany Matte Surface Dining Table and combine them with velvet accent chairs and complete the look with a side leather faux chair!

The modern furniture approach is all about the neutral approach and minimalistic designs:

With such approaches, one can make their dining space a feast for one’s creative soul! The secret here is simple, all you have to do is keep in mind the minimal design approach of the modern furniture and combine them with a complimenting theme.

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