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Does the dining table have to match chairs?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Interior designing is one such industry that keeps evolving and witnesses frequent trends amongst customers and interior designers. With changing trends and evolving consumer demands comes the need for trending and updated furniture designs and trends. One such trend that has been observed in the modern furniture design approach is the use of contrasting accent chairs in the dining space!

Dining space is the space that should be the perfect combination of fashionable and comfortable furniture pieces. Because of this basic fundamental, the use of accent chairs has increased recently in the dining space and the resulting interior is just amazing and attention-grabbing. Even with the accent chairs, people are taking a lot of creative approaches and defining the age-old notion of selecting the matching chairs with the dining table.

Before we explore all different types of approaches and trends that are revolving around dining room interior, dining tables and accent chairs, first let's understand what exactly are accent chairs and how do we identify them?

Accent Chairs:

Accent chairs are functional chairs that are designed with a fashionable approach. These chairs play a part in being an attractive piece of furniture that becomes a focal point of attraction for your visitors with their intricate designs, bold patterns and complementary and neutral colors. Based on their nature and modern design trends, here are the types of combinations of accent chairs and dining tables that are trending in the greater Toronto area.

Different trends around accent chairs and dining space furniture:

Contrasting chair colors with traditional dining table:

For those who love to experiment and create a unique look for their dining space, using contrasting chairs with traditional glass dining tables does the trick. The look creates a unique view keeping the chair in the spotlight.

Accent chairs with neutral colors:

For those who wish to create a casual look with a soothing ambiance, they can use accent chairs for their dining space with neutral colors. For this look ensure that the ambiance and the colors of the wall and accessories either match or complement the chairs.

Bold pattern chairs for a perfect side chair:

Accent chairs by definition are a center of attraction when we talk about furniture pieces and so is the side chair that one installs in their dining space. To accomplish this look you can complement your dining table set with a bold side chair alongside to create a modern contemporary look.

Theme based chair and table designs:

Whether you love to create a rustic look, traditional look or you wish to go bold with old-school pagan style chairs, accent chairs have a lot of varieties that you can choose from and create a world of their own in your dining space.

It is all in the vision:

Accent chairs are in trend and thus, there is a wide range of products in different styles, themes, colors and patterns available in the Toronto market. All you need is a good vision that compliments the space.

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